Introduction: USA Flag Nail Polish

The USA flag is famous in the fashion world. That's why i decided to show you how to paint your nails with this design. Also because ones you will finish, they will look so cute and beautiful. I encourage you to try it, it is easy and it doesn't take so long. You an do it watching television, with friends, listening music,...
I hope you like it... <3  

Step 1: What You Need?

For this design you need:

- red nail polish

- navy blue nail polish

- white nail polish

- toothpicks


-nail polish remover

Step 2: Red Background

I start painting the background with the red nail polish.

Step 3: Blue Square

You have to wait until it is dry. 
Then you can take a toothpick and put it in the blue nail polish.
Be careful when you start to draw,  because an excess of liquid will be a problem.
I always start drawing the square and after I paint it, you can do it like me or another way, it doesn't really matter.

Step 4: White Details

Then you can take another toothpick and put it inside the withe bottle.
(What you can see in the first picture, is what you DON'T have to do) 
You have to have enough ink to make the dots but not to much, because then they will be so big.
To make the lines, you can follow the same steps as the dots.

Step 5: Clean

Ones you finish, you can take the nail polish remover and cottons, then dip the cotton in the liquid. And finally, just take off the excess  ink around the nail.

Step 6: Finish

Then just enjoy your beautiful nails.