Introduction: USB Arduino Midi Shield for ZOOM Effects

This instructable is for those who own a Zoom midi usb effect pedal (including G1xOn) and want to control it. Special attention that instructable is published "as is" without any waranty of success even respecting the material used in. That said there's a second workaround method to achieve this goal and you can see it here .

*NEW* this project works with Boss GP-10 but NOT with all other Boss products. Test it and please give back your findings to all! Thanx!

So the material tested actually working is:


1- Arduino UNO

2- USB shield (chinese one, not tested with another)

3- Two usb cables (standard and one with mini usb )

4- 9v. /12v. positive center powered transformer

5- Four leds

6- One 220 ohms resistor

7- Three push buttons

8- A box to fit it all (optional)

Step 1: What Do I Do Now ?

First of all, connect your Arduino on your pc/mac whatever.

Load up the first test.ino sketch.

Install your usb shield and connect your Zoom pedal to it.

If your Zoom change alone between 3 presets alternatively that means all your material works fine together. In case of not working this can be workaround by this other method .

Then and only then:

Connect the 3 switches between the pins 2, 3 and 4 and the minus. (see schematic)

Connect the 3 leds between pins A0, A1 and A2 (13,14, 15 in the sketch) through the 220 resistor and the minus.

Load up the second sketch and it must work with the switches.

Pay attention: some error messages can occur when uploading sketch. The only workaround I've found is to reboot the pc.