Introduction: USB Arduino Morse Code Key

Ever wanted to type on a computer with a morse code key or to learn/teach morse code? You are on the right page!

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Step 1: Code

You can find the code on Github.

Upload this code to the Arduino.

Step 2: 3D Print

You can find/edit the model here.

Step 3: Put in the Arduino Micro

Step 4: (optional) Screw the Arduino Micro to the Base

  • 4x M1.4x4 screws

Step 5: Connect the Buzzer

  • 1x Buzzer (CEET120B085)
  • 6x Jumper shunts
  • 2x Single core jumper wires

Step 6: Connect the Morse Code Key

  • 1x Morse code key (I got a MFJ-550 morse code key)
  • 2x Jumper wires
  • 2x 6-32x3/8 screws
  • 2x 6-32 nuts

Step 7: Screw the Base to the Top

  • 4x M3x12 screws
  • 4x Rubber feet (optional)

Step 8: Start Typing

Here's a US navy training video on sending morse code.

Plug it into your computer and start typing.