Introduction: USB Battery Charger

Please note that it can only charge small devices like a rechargeable speakers it won't charge a phone

Step 1: Gathering Materials

You will need 4 rechargeable aa batteries USB socket I got mine from a car adapter Wires Tape do not use soldering iron Something to test the power I have a led powered by 1 v I got it from the circuit board inside a steak light

Step 2: Wiring It Together

Take the four batteries and put the in series by positive to negitive the tape it together again positive to negitive the do the same with the other two

Step 3: Attaching the USB Socket

By turning the white Side down look at the first terminal that is positive then the last one is negative so solder the wires to it

Step 4: Attaching Charging Wires

Attach two more wires to the terminals of the usb socket attach it to the battery wires I also added glue so nothing shorts out It can also be used as testing wires

Step 5: Charging

Charging is easy It is just 5v I am using a USB cable if the USB charger looks like that then outside is - and inside is + so it looks like this I just forgot to do the outside