USB Bluetooth STICK!




Introduction: USB Bluetooth STICK!

Here is my idea of a sb stick .
I used my bluetooth dongle because it was the easyest to open but you can use any usb device .

Step 1: Tools and Stuff

Here is a List of The Tools and Materials:

Dremel multi tool (mine is a cheap replica)
drill bit for the multi tool
small rotary file for the multi tool
a saw
a long saw

a stick (from a tree)
a stick (of the USB variaty)
hot glue (the gun helps )

Step 2: Open the Stick

Using a skrewdriver carefully open your selected usb device .

Step 3: Selecting the Wood

Select the branch you want .
Saw it down .
Choose the section that suits your usb device .
Make sure it is thick enough to house th device.

Step 4: Mark the Size and Cut Out the Hole for the Usb Device

Now you will need to mark the size of the usb stick on the peice of wood .
Once you have done that you must remove the wood from the centre .
I used my dremal tool and drilled 4 holes . one in each corner . then i used the rotary file and i cut away in between the  holes .
I marked the depth on the drillbit so i got the hole deep enough in one go .
once the hole is made check the usb stick fits in , if not cut away until it does.

Step 5: The Light

Most usb sticks have lights on them to show wen they are in use.
to be able to see the light on the usb sick . First you must locate it . Then you must mark its position on the peice of wood . lastly you must drill a hole in that place .

Step 6: Glue

Now once the usb device is in the peice of wood and the hole for the light is drilled its time to glue it in . I used hot glue . unfortunatly i lost my hot glue gun to an explosion so i now just use a lighter . Melt the tip of the glue stick and push it into the joint of the two sticks . once the glue has gone in pull the stick if glue away before it hardens . nDo this right round the plug . Once it has hardened use a craft knife to trim off any left over glue or any glue that is in the wrong place .

Step 7: Finished

Now its ready to be used as a USTREE device .

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    just smile
    just smile

    12 years ago on Introduction

    my camera is not good that is why the shots are bad


    12 years ago on Introduction

    This is really fun! Any way you can get better macro shots?