Introduction: USB Car Charger

This is a Home Made Usb charger with this device  you can charge in your car any Usb charged device like mobile phones, bluetooth headsets, Gps , cameras, mp3 players, etc..
This device I made haves 0.5Amp output that is the normal power output on a computer, if you use a bigger transistor you can  get more output amps.

Step 1: Parts & Tools Needed

This are the parts needed to assemble this home made USB charger:

-cigarette lighter plug
-Usb female Port  (taken from a old computer Motherboard)
-5V regulator, 78M05 or 7805   (taken from broken playstation, you can take from other broken device or buy)
-resistor 100 Ohm or 220 Ohm
-Heat Shrink Tubing

-Solder Iron
-Solder lead
-Solder Paste
-Hot Glue Gun

Step 2: Schematic

This is the schematic

The standard 7805 was to big to fit inside my cigarrete lighter plug.
So i used the 78M05 a SMD transistor because is smaller then standart 7805, and haves 0.5A that is enough for the USB charging.

Step 3: Cigarrete Lighter Plug Drill

I made this holes with the Dremel to fit the the USB female .

Step 4: Soldering Parts

In this pics I show the transistor and wire setup

Step 5: Soldering Led's

This Pics show final circuit with the Led already mounted
I Used the Heat shrink tubing  to isolate some soldering points

Step 6: Fit the Circuit Inside Plug

I this part I used the Hot Glue Gun to glue the Usb Female on the back of the cigarrete lighter plug.

Step 7: Finished Product

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