Introduction: USB Cell Phone Charger Hack! (With Video)

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Here is an EZ to make, no frills, USB Charger for your cell phone. Great for anyone on the go. Add it to your "mobile goodies". Just in case. Video to follow...

Step 1: What You Need

1. Standard USB Cable
2. 12v Cell phone car adapter
3. Wire Strippers
4. Solder
5. Shrink Tubing
6. Voltmeter

Step 2: Instructions

1.Cut off the end of the USB cable that does not plug into the computer.

2. Strip the wires. You should have four wires. Red, black, green and white.

Step 3: Instructions (cont)

3. Cut off the end of the 12v Car adapter that plugs into the car leaving the end that plugs into the phone.

4. Strip the ends. You should have 2 wires.

Step 4: Instructions (cont)

5. Slip on shrink tubing now! If you forget, you have to unsolder like I have done before and kicked myself.

6. Plug the USB cable into your PC. Check the wires for voltage. You should have 4.9-5 volts on one of the wires. Usually red. Black will be the ground. Unplug from your PC

7. Check continuity and solder the red from the AC adapter to the red on the USB cable and the ground to ground.

8. Add a piece of electrical tape to your solder connections to keep them from making contact

9. Heat up the shrink tubing.

10. Plug in both ends and voila! You've made it!

Step 5: Here Is the Video! Enjoy!