Introduction: USB Charger "Emergency Kit"

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Last December 2014,i have a friend who asked me to helped him on setting up his android phone to minimized it's battery consumption.But we were both in different location and he is a new timer to use an android phone(alcatel),and i told him that it would be very complicated for him to set it up.So i suggested him to get a powerbank instead,yet he asked me a favor to build one for him..I just smiled and thinking since it was a yuletide season at that moment.,then i agreed and said that i would make one for him,,but unfortunately my electronic component supplier store runs out of stock(18650 battery) at that time.So instead of building him a DIY powerbank, an emergency usb charger kit comes in my mind..And my friend agreed,it will suit his needs because he owns a motorbike like me.So that's how it all started.

"By the way,this project is not new.,i've seen lots of this here"

Step 1: Materials & Tools Needed

1.Wires (black & red)

2.Soldering lead

3.Soldering iron(30w)

4.Electrical tape

5.2 Alligator Clips ( mark red & black)

6.USB Car Charger

7.Small Philips screw driver

Step 2: Simple Steps

*Dismantle the car charger as seen on image.,Most car charger design were built this way i think.

*locate the Positive & Negative terminal of the chip

*Solder the Red Wire on the Positive terminal of the chip

*Then solder the black wire on the Negative terminal of the chip

*Solder the red marked alligator clip on the end of the red wire

*Solder the black marked alligator clip on the end of black wire

*Test it by clamping the both alligator clip on their respective terminals of the 12vdc Battery(i used my motorbike battery MF4-LB)

*if the LED light indicator glow that means you did it right.

Step 3: Test & Result

After a final run test (making the LED light glow on the chip)close the case of the USB car charger,don't forget to insulate open wires(if there is any)insulate it by masking tape.Then run a final test on any USB compliant device..Shown here was my test on my good old Nokia N70(still working fine today).It will work on any USB compliant device(as seeen on image),.as i tested it on my iPhone with the help of battery app,it appears that the USB Car Charger i bought had a regulated output of 5vdc 760-800 mah (iphone 4G on a low battery state of 20%)

*Tested on Ipod,PSP,Digital Camera,Sony Ericsson T637 & my friends Alcatel One Touch(He was very happy with it).

So that was it,this project was already in my friend's used & keeping..It was just a bit late for sharing it here.Hoping you enjoy reading it..Thanks for your time.