Introduction: USB Cooling Fan

How to build a USB powered Cooling fan with a flashing LED. I use mine to cool my laptop while I'm in bed. I added the light to show activity.

Step 1: List of Supplies

1-cooling fan and grill from PS2
1-flashing 5v LED from toys
1-USB cable from toys
1-waterproof cig holder from old toobin trip
-some extra wire
-2 little screws w/ screwdriver
-hot glue w/ hot glue gun
-solder w/ solder gun
-drill bits w/ drill
-heat shrink

Step 2: Strip, Cut and Drill

1. strip wires
a. motor
b. cut USB cable and strip the black and red, cut green and white
c. cut LED leads to .125 inch
2. cut grill to fit fan housing
3. tape grill to fan and drill holes for screws
a. screw grill to fan
4. drill holes to secure wires

Step 3: Wire It Up and Keep It Neat

1. solder a 3in piece of wire to each of the LED leads
2.solder BLACK MOTOR WIRE, NEG LED WIRE and BLACK USB WIRE. cover w/ heat shrink.
3. solder RED MOTOR WIRE, POS LED WIRE and RED USB WIRE. cover w/ heat shrink.
4. manipulate wires into nooks of fan housing. hot glue the wires and allow to set

Step 4: Plug-n-Cool

Plug Usb cable to laptop and let the coll begin. Keep it safe in the cig safe.CFH

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