Introduction: USB Cable Garden

This is my first Instructable so go easy :)

Originally, I had a box full of USB cords that were all zip tied individually to stay organized, but realized I sacrificed a zip tie every time I wanted to use a cord (Too lazy to use the re-usable zip tie method). After realizing I would need to poop daily for 6 months to get anywhere near enough empty toilet paper rolls to make a cord rack, I thought of a cheaper and easier way to organize those spare cables!

Step 1: Materials

All that you really need for this:

- Spare cardboard box (~2-3in in height)
- Knife of some sort (Able to make ~1.5in slots in cardboard)
- Spare Cords

Step 2: Make Cuts

Begin by cutting + or x shapes into the box with your knife. The slits should be as small as required for each cable because if the slits are too big, the cables won't be held on as tight by the cardboard box.

Step 3: Insert Cord

Now insert your cord and repeat until your box is done!

Step 4: Final Thoughts

- Try to avoid cutting slits too close to each other or the possibility of them tearing together
- Smaller slits hold the cables tighter so don't make them too big

That's it! Enjoy.