Introduction: USB Desktop Fan

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This instructable will show you how to make a desktop fan out of old computer components. this is a good project for a rainy day when you fell like building something useful. I make my instructables very exact so there seem to be a lot of steps.

Step 1: Materials

the pictures show it all

Step 2: Preparing Items

Cut offf the USB cord as close as you can get to the end that doesnt go into your computer. If it has one of those cylinders chop that off too. Cut off the jack to the fan. Strip all wires. Find out which wires are power on the fan by using the 9 volt to test different wire combinations. Rmember that you might have the right wires but have them backwards, and then it wont spin, so try each combo both ways. If the fan spins, those two wires work(duh). Once you find the two wires, cut off any other wires.To test the usb cord plug one end into the computer and use the multimeter to test different combinations of wires. Mine was black and red, but i dont know if all cords are the same, but test those two first anyway. Once you find the two power wires, fold down the others onto the cord itself and tape around them, like the picture.

Step 3: Wiring

Use the small wire nut to connect the two red wires. Put the switch in by attaching one black wire to one peg and the other black wire to the other peg. You can also have the reds on the switch and the blacks connected, it doesnt matter as long as the colors are the same. After you get the wires on the switch, you can solder them on( i used hot glue because i still need to work on my soldering). once you have done that, use a band of electrical tape around the fan to attack it all. make sure you attach it so the switch is pointing the same way the fan will blow.

Step 4: Testing

Once you have everything put together except the stand, you need to test it. Plug the cable into a USB port and flick the switch. The fan should blow in the dirction the switch is pointing. If something doesnt work, tinker with it until it does.

Step 5: Making Stand

Use pliers to unwind the wire hanger. cut off the bottom bar so it is 17.5 inches long. I dont like to type long things, so i put pictures in cronological order. just use a ruler for measureing and needle nose pliers for bending

Step 6: You're Done!

Set up your fan and chill out(yes i use the same picture over and over again).