USB Drive Money Clip

Introduction: USB Drive Money Clip

This is my USB Drive Money clip. I modeled and assembled it in SolidWorks 2013

Step 1: Modeling the Clip

Start by sketching the profile of the clip. Next, use the extrude tool to extrude the sketch 2"

Step 2: Modling the USB Cover

Next, sketch and extrude the piece that will cover the USB drive. After that cut the .125"x.5" rectangle that will allow the USB plug to slide. When that is done, sketch and extrude the cap for the end. Last you will ad a  fillet to the end.

Step 3: Model or Download the Last Couple Parts

Next Model the slider using the same techniques as before. For the common parts, such as the USB plug, it will be faster to download one from the internet.

Step 4: Assembly

Finally, create an assembly and assemble the parts with the mate tool. After you have finished assembling the model, you can use the rendering tools to render some nice pictures!

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