Hello everyone, this is my first post on instructables.

In this post, I will show you how I made this Low Energy Emergency lamp from a plastic bottle.

Step 1: What We Need

Things you need for this project are as follows.

  1. Plastic bottle
  2. 4 Super bright LEDs
  3. 4 47Ohm Resistors
  4. USB Cable.

Step 2: Prepare the Bottle Cap

We need to punch 8 holes on the plastic bottle cap to place the LED.

Step 3: Place the LEDs

Dump enough hot glue into the bottle cap.

Before the glue dried out, insert the LEDs Legs into the holes. make sure that the shorter leg of the LED is on the inside so that the four cathodes (negative) leg of the 8 LEDs are closer together.

Make sure that you apply enough glue as this glue will act as a shield to prevent water from reaching the LEDs legs and causing a short circuit.

Step 4:

Connect all the cathode (negative) legs of the LEDs together, and solder 4 resistor to each of the anode (positive) legs of the LEDs.

Connect all four resistors legs to the positive cable from the USB, and all negative legs of the LEDs to the negative cable of the USB.

Step 5: Prepare the Bottle

Fill up the water bottle with clear water, or if you prefer you could also add some glitter.

finally, place the bottle cap and connect the USB to a power source, you can use a power bank as the power source.

And that's it, A simple emergency lamp for your needs, or if you want it could also be used as a night lamp for your bedroom.