Introduction: USB Flash Capacitor

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This may not be the most original idea but it has one of the coolest names reminiscent of a "Flux Capacitor" from the "Back To The Future" movies.
This is my first Instructable of hopefully many

Tools used to create this project
Pair of needle nose pliers to remove the contents of the capacitor
Silicone or hot glue to seal the circuit board in the empty capacitor tube
A flash drive to fit inside the capacitor (ibest to have the flash drive with the USB port rigidly mounted on the circuit board for strength)
A capacitor large enough to hold the flash drive circuit board. (best to use a capacitor with the rubber end where the wires come out) 

Find a USB flash drive and carefully remove the circuit board normally by seperating the two halves
You will need to match up the circuit board next to different size capacitors to find the correct length and width.
The USB port must extend out of the end, and the width of the circuit board must fit too.  
Carefully remove the guts of the capacitor using the needle nose pliers which may take a few tries, grab the end with the 2 wires sticking out and pull the contents from the metal capacitor tube. Make sure its completely empty of debree
Wash your hands and the empty capacitor with soap and water and dry completely before continuing, be carefull the metal edge may be sharp. 
The toughest part is finding a capacitor that the USB flash drive fits in snugly.
Insert the flash drive in the empty capacitor (I wedged small pieces of wood on the sides to hold the board evenly and keep it from shorting to the metal case)
Glue the flash drive in and let stand to cure.
The only down side of using a capacitor is you may have problems with adjacent USB device ports which may become inaccessible on the computer. but you can be resolved by using a USB extension cable.
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