Introduction: USB Flash Drive in Car Key Shell

I thought it would be funny to have a flash drive that was branded Honda or Ford or Chrysler, etc. It just so happens I had a junk car key.

So I hacked of the key blade, hollowed out the plastic key head, and epoxied a flash drive inside.

Step 1: Parts, Supplies and Tools


1. Flash Drive
2. Junk Key.

1. Epoxy

1. Hack saw
2. Dremmel with milling bit.

Step 2: Cut Off the Key Blade

Get your hack saw and cut off the blade as close to the plastic head as possible.

Step 3: Take Apart the Flash Drive

Carefully take apart the Flash Drive.

Step 4: Hollow Out the Key Head

I got a 2.5 mm 2 flute end mill and attached it to my Dremel.

Using the highest speed possible, I removed the material in the middle of the key head.  This is tough work. In the head is the rest of the key blade (brass or steel), plastic and a microchip. Once the slot seems big enough I test fitted the flash drive.

Step 5: Insert the Flash Drive and Epoxy in Place

Mix up some epoxy and put it inside the hollow key head. Fill about half way.

Insert the Flash Drive.  Let cure. 

All done

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