Introduction: USB Flashdrive Tic Tac Disguise

     Not too long ago on instructables, there was a contest for anything to do with a USB port. Unfortunately, I did not get around to making this instructable so I am making this for Office Supplies Contest. Please Vote for Me!

     When I bought my flashdrive to transfer files from one computer to another, I may have bought one of the most plain and boring flashdrives. It was white with a bit of grey and the brand name on it. Since then I have always been looking for good ideas to spice it up. Coloring it seemed too childish and other ibles inspired me to disguise it as a food or anything else for that matter. I will now take you through the journey of making a flashdrive look like a tic tac box.

Step 1: Materials

The materials you need for this ible are:

* A USB flashdrive
* tic tacs
* a hot glue gun+glue
* screwdriver/knife
* a small dish (optional)

Step 2: Preparing the Flashdrive

     To first prepare the flashdrive you must strip away the case of the USB so that there is nothing left but the chip and the port (picture 1). Now hot glue tic tacs covering the backside of the chip (picture 2). Leave this part alone while we prepare the box.

Step 3: Preparing the Box

     First, seperate the lid from the rest of the box and rip the flap off of the lid (picture 1). Pour all of the tic tacs into your dish.Now, take the plastic box and some tic tacs along with your hot glue gun. Dump some glue into the box and then drop tic tacs in one by one sticking them to the glue. Repeat this for two or three rows and then drop some free tic tacs in for that jingly noise. (picture 2)

Step 4: Preparing the Lid

     Take your usb covered in tic tacs and the lid to the box and glue the usb to the lid so the port is going through the hole. Secure this really tight otherwise the usb will move around and you don't want that!(picture 1)

Step 5: Finish It Off

Connect the two pieces so that you have one big tic tac box/ usb flashdrive. (picture 1) You are now finished. Go show off to your friends and maybe get them to try to reach into box and get blocked by the USB port.

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