USB Foot Control

Introduction: USB Foot Control

I decided to build a custom USB pedal configurable through a small interface.

I used a Digispark USB Development Board Attiny85.

The chip is very easy to program and programmable like the "Arduino"

I didn't write a tutorial for the Digispark Board as there are excellent tutorials which already exist on the internet.

This can be used for creating a shortcut, password or any function on a keyboard.

Step 1: Hardware

These are some of the hardware used in this project. All these were spare parts which I already had at home.

I used the following:

2 x Compression Springs (9.5mm x 16mm)

1 x Bolt & Nut (M5)

1 x Digispark Attiny85

1 x Top & Base Pedal made with 3mm Aluminium. You could use wood or plastic instead of Aluminium.

1 x USB Cable

The rest of the parts were made using a 3D Printer which I designed myself.

Step 2: Electronic Schematic & Soldering

The diagram attached, showing a simple connection.

Switch connected to a pin0 and 1K resistor.

Step 3: Program Code

This is the code I used to program the Digispark board.

Step 4: Finished Product

My Pedal assembled

Step 5:

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    1 year ago

    Not enough detail there . What reads the pedal position? What does the pedal control. Seems the chip is just used for a password entry . Does not make a lot of sense atm


    Reply 1 year ago

    When i use CAD, I control a 3d mouse with one hand and a traditional mouse with the other hand, so I programmed the pedal with a shortcut to perform a keyboard action without letting go of both of the mouses.