Introduction: USB Light

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This is a cool science project. It is a USB light. This Light can work by connecting it to your computers or main power supply.

Step 1: Question and Hypothesis

Can't we Light a LED from USB?

I thought that while we can charge our mobile using USB cable, we can even light a bulb. So, By performing the below experiment.. The project was successful

Step 2: Materials Required

1.USB cable

2.LED Light with builtin resistor.

Step 3: Method

1. Cut the port other than USB male port.

2. Cut the White and green wires as we are not in need of data transfer

3. Connect red and black wires to the LED.

4. Connect USB male port to any of the female USB port power supply. ( I Chose Laptop )

Step 4: Conclusion

The current from the source passes through the USB cable to the LED light and Light comes out of LED with the converse of Photoelectric effect.

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