Introduction: USB Mini Arduino

Hey guys!

The main goal of this project is to create a compact-size Arduino using an ATtiny85 microcontroller.

A small introduction of ATtiny85 microcontroller

It is an 8-bit AVR microcontroller, introduced by Microchip, and is based on RISC CPU. It comes with an 8-pin interface (PDIP) and falls under the category of low power controllers. Programmable watchdog timer and 10-bit ADC converter are added in the device that makes it suitable for sensor interfacing and resetting the device in case it gets stuck in an infinite loop.

Step 1: Why I Choose ATtiny Micro-controller ?

  • ATTINY85 is cheap and easily available for experimenting
  • ATTINY85 has many reference data available making it easy to work with.
  • Also, ATTINY85 provides many features in lesser pins.
  • With the program memory of 8Kbytes, the controller has a satisfying memory for many applications.
  • With various POWER SAVE modes, it can work on battery-operated applications.
  • With its small and compact size, it can be put on many small boards.
  • With watchdog timer and other features, the use of ATTINY85 is further promoted.


In the figure below you can find a USB connector which we can directly connect. There is also a LED to indicate powering of circuit and connectors for external circuits.

In addition, the card already has a USB connector, which can be plugged directly into the computer's USB and write code without the need to use recording cables.

Step 3: Manufacturing

I always prefer LIONCIRCUITS for all my boards. Highly recommended. You can visit this link to see how to upload it on their platform.

I can get instant DFM after payment. Images given above is how it looks when I upload my Gerber files onto the lioncircuits platform.


  • Drivers
  • Industrial control systems.
  • SMPS and Power Regulation systems.
  • Analog signal measuring and manipulations.
  • Embedded systems like coffee machines, vending machines.
  • Display units.
  • Peripheral Interface system.