Introduction: U.S.B. Mini Fan

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This is my my first instructable so please be nice, also I have already built it so I had to make the pictures on word.  

For this project you will need 
- Any old U.S.B. cord
-An old computer fan
-Wire cutters/strippers
-Computer to try it out on

Step 1: Sort Out the Cable

Get out your U.S.B. cord and find the end with the plug that would go into to device. (no the computer)  

Step 2: Cut the Wire

Cut off the plug that goes into the device and if there is a tube thing cut that off too.

Step 3: Strip the Wire

Strip 2cm off the outer coating.

Step 4: Find Positive and Negative

You might need to dig through some foil and uncover wire but you should find a few multi-colored wires.  Use your multimeter to find the positive and negative wires. 

Step 5: Tape, My Favorite Thing!

Tape down the wires that are not needed.

Step 6: Wire It Up

Connect the fan to the cord.

Step 7: Build a Base!

You can build a base out of Popsicle sticks, thick wire or any thing that can support the fan!

Step 8: YOUR DONE!

Now when you are on instructables and scorching hot you can plug in your mini fan and cool off!  

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