USB Outlet on Zero Motorcycle

Introduction: USB Outlet on Zero Motorcycle

Tools needed:
3mm Allen wrench
Stubby #2 Philips screwdriver or ratchet-like the one shown.

Wire Crimper
Wire Stripper
Wire Cutter.

A tool to make the hole on the dash a smidgen bigger.
I used a Dremel grinder bit on a drill. A fine sanding drum will work fine as well.


USB outlet.

This one is ~$9 on Amazon.

Quick Disconnect Connect 10 Gauge 2 Pin Polarized Wire Harness Car - any automotive parts store will have it, same as a trickle charger.

A couple of butt-end crimp connectors.

Step 1: Remove the Seat.


Step 2: Remove the Tank Plastics.

6 Philips head screws in the front nose, 3 each side
4 3mm Allen screws, 2 by the seat, 2 inside the cubby/tank.

Once unscrewed, lift rearward and up.

Ensure that the bike doesn't blow away, so an average-sized cat will hold it down.

Step 3: The 12v Connects

There are two 12V outlets available to use.
The left one is for really anything with the 12v disconnect.
The Blue wire is 12V+ (2017 DSR)

The automotive 2 pin connector is is for the OEM 12 power outlet.
Lookup Y0198.1AK, that will work if you don't want to give MSRP to a Zero Dealer.

Step 4: Bigger Hole Time

You will see 6 more 3 mm screws. 2 on top and 2 on each side, headlight and turn signal.
Remove the screws, but don't need to remove everything, just the screws so you can wiggle the dash around and have easier access to the hole.

Using a sanding drum or grinder, ever so slightly go around the hole to enlarge it. I think I made mine 0.5 mm bigger. That's half a millimeter.

Step 5: Plug It In.

Route the wires into the tank area.

Get fancy and put them in a wire loom, or heat shrink and add another layer of wire protection.

Step 6: Put It All Back Together.

Put the 6 dashes 3 mm Allen screws back. Do this by hand to get them started, otherwise you might cross-thread and then make the peanut gallery mad.

Put the Tank plastics back on, inside cubby first, rear second and front parts last.

Put the Seat on, T-45. If using a power tool, put it on minimum torque, or just hand tighten it up, just snug.

The outlet is on as soon as you turn the bike on.
Tap the front turn off and on.

30 to 45-minute job without the peanut gallery.
Being interrupted and playing throw the ball, and tug of war doubles maybe triples the time.

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    2 years ago

    Is all that "tank" space empty? If so would it not be better to make an access cover and install the USB sockets in there then anything you plug into them doesn't need an additional mounting


    Reply 9 months ago

    The tank on the Zero has a lock. The lock is the ignition key.

    It is a dumb design by Zero.

    The hole is already there for this 12V accessory in the dash. Whatever OEM part Zero has for it costs, last time I looked $99.00. So a total $$$$ off.