Introduction: USB Power Socket in the Car

Though there is always an option of 12 volt adapters for vehicles to be used in cigarette lighter for charging mobiles n tabs but just for a better look I decided to create a USB power socket for my car.

Step 1: Disassemble USB 12V Car Charger for Mobile.

I disassembled a 12V USB car charger with 1amp and 2.1amp usb ports and removed the circuit board from the plastic casing.

Step 2: Preparing the Cover

Then I cut a piece of plastic equal to the size of the port where this socket has to be installed in the car. Cut a square box in the cover according to the size of USB port and a hole for led light. I applied carbon fibre vinyl sheet for refined look.

Step 3: Installation of Circuit Behind the Cover

Then I fixed the circuit board behind the cover using metal mender after which it gave this look.

Step 4: Wiring

Then I soldered the wires to the circuit board. These wires are to be connected to cigarette lighter for power. I also installed metal clips on the back of cover to fix it in the car.

Step 5: Final Look Before Installation

Step 6: Installation

After that I fixed USB power socket into the console and here is the final out come.

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