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Introduction: USB Powered CD Cleaner

After bugging my sister for some time, we came up with this crazy idea : The USB Powered CD Cleaner

Quite what you need to complete the project:
- a fan out of a broken power supply
- a spare USB cable
- 2 CD cases, the plastic ones
- something to stick it all together : i used tape and glue
- one or more diskettes
- tools to cut through such as a pair of scissors, knives or anything you've got. I used a piece of iron heated in flames to cut the plastic casing
- a ruler and a marker to make some measurements
- a CD to test the functionality of the project as you advance
- a working computer or any device witch has USB support
- free time and some luck

So .. that's that. Let's move on to the next step as i cant tell you are eager for some trimming.

Step 1: Get the CD Casing

Now that you have in front of you one of the CD cases it's time for some chopping. Pick one of them and disassemble it. When you start cutting/ melting the plastic note that all you need at the moment is the middle of the case (that circular thing where you attach the CD)

Cut that out and stick spare plastic on the bottom of it to grow its height. Repeat the cutting procedure (in my case it was melting)

* note that to bind these plastic pieces together i used the double adhesive tape, but you can use whatever method you wish

Step 2: Finishing the Cutting

Now that i have raised the height of the central piece i am going to smooth its edges as shown below. Even more as i am beginning to get a bit bored of melting plastic i am going to cut through melting one last piece - the back of the case.

Using the very same method just make a larger hole in the back of the case. Check if it fits and move on.

Step 3: The Fan

Well now all you have to do is to attach the middle piece to the center of the fan, on the spinning side. For that you may use any kind of glue. Make sure that it is as centerd as it can get before gluing it for good.

Now that you have attached that glue the back of the case to the frame of the fan and do the wiring for the first tests. The wiring is rather intuitive as there are 2 wires one black and one red.

*note that before gluing the back of the case you should be really running some test even with the top of the case attached to make sure the thing is centered right

Step 4: The Cleaning

You might wonder how is this thing cleaning CDs ? Well is is not at the moment but it will surely be rather soon.
So the next thing you gotta do is pick up a diskette and crack it open. Look for the soft material which is attached to its case and remove it.

Use your scissors and your imagination to stick some of that material to a piece of paper in order to clean the CD while it's spinning.

For me it went like this: i just thought that at some point you are going to change that material as it gets dirty so i attached it to a paper home-made CD cover as shown below.

Step 5: Said and Done !

Now the finishing touch. Slide the paper ' cover ' into the front of the case. Assemble the whole thing and run a last test. By now it should be already be cleaning CDs but it's not done yet.

First of all wrap some tape around the exposed wires to avoid problems. Then you may also want to make the device a bit more wide at its base. For that i glued the back of the other CD case.

Sid and done ! Now you can plug in the device, place a CD inside upside down and enjoy its magic.

Cheers !

*do try this if you like it :D

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    An ingenious hack, but I really wouldn't recommend this. The way to clean a CD/DVD is from inside to out, not around in circles, to avoid scratches:

    Because the track is a spiral from the centre, it's susceptible to scratches that trace a circular path around the centre. So, unlike a vinyl record, you should wipe from inside to out. If a bit of accumulated glue,grit or grease is picked up on that cloth it would do a number on the CD and might make matters a whole lot worse..


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    now that you mention it i might look forward for a next project. thanks


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    maybe you could use a small servo that can run off of the usb's 5volt supply (were getting into flip flop and 555 circutry here but i think we can handle it :)) that moves the cleaning pad in an "Line" (it would really be a large arc) while the disc is spinning, effectively, (quote un quote) cleaning the disc from the inside out. While i still think this is a great idea, maybe if you were to use the servo idea that you would probablly be better off putting it into a project box cause youll need more room. Just an idea! :)


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Why don't you just mount the soft material in your CD drive on your computer. Then it would clean while it reads CD's. :D