USB Powered Cardboard Laptop Cooling Tray




Introduction: USB Powered Cardboard Laptop Cooling Tray

This laptop cooling tray is a simple way to get some use out of cardboard as you download, upload, buffer, and play plant tycoon. Although it's a little cutting and taping intensive.

Step 1: All the Different Stuff You Gonna Need

masking tape,
soldering iron,
fannypack for putting tools into,

more card board "cereal box grade",
12v fan from computer power source "free from computer shops",
USB cable,
sticky stuff made for your cupboards,

Step 2: Top and Bottom

Trace your laptop onto the card board. Cut two pieces for the top and bottom of the cooling tray.

When designing the outline for the ventilation ducts be sure not to cut too much as it will make the top of tray flimsy and weak.

Make sure that the duct where the fan will sit is wide enough for the fan.

Trace the design onto the bottom piece of the tray.

Step 3: Tray Walls

Cut walls for the sides and ducts.

Cut with the grain of the cardboard to help you keep all pieces the same width.

Tape a whole bunch till all pieces feel stable. Tape along the outside seem to make it air tight. You could also seal the inside walls to increase a more even airflow.

Step 4: USB Fan

Remove the fan from the power source and strip the red and black wires half an inch remove any other wire that may be on the fan, you don,t need it for it to work.

Cut USB cable to desired length and strip casing

You only need the red and black wires from the USB cable so don't worry about the other two you don't need them, just make sure they aren't exposed.

Splice the red to red wires and the black to black wires of the USB to the fan. you dont need to solder them, you can twist them together and cover them with tape.

Cover the splices individually so red and black never touch then wrap the wires to make it look nice.

Step 5: Fan Case

Wrap the fan in the flimsy cardboard and tape the card board together to hold the fan in as to hold the cases shape as you work it.

cut part of the side of the back wall out to allow the case to insert into the tray.

place the open side of the down on the tray to adjust before taping.

tape the case to width of the duct but not to the tray yet.

cut the sides of the case to channel air down into the tray. be sure to place the fan far enough back so the screen is able to lean back.

fold the top of the case down and seal it with tape to the side.

*Be creative there's a lot of adjustments you will need to do with the case. you could even get two or three fans on although you will need a larger power source since USB has only a 12v power

Step 6: Like the Last Step of This Instructable!

Cut a vent where you want the air to exit.

Cut anything off that obstructs the top from siting flat and ad cardboard or tape anywhere there are gaps between the top, sides and bottom

Tape the top down and seal it up.

Cut the gooey stuff to size and tape it down.

Make sure you seal the edges of the top since cardboard is slotted.

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    5 years ago

    Question does a Samsung charger work? Because I have an old iPod charger I tried to use and is was a one way cord


    11 years ago on Introduction

    The cardboard is strong enough to hold the weight of laptop? o.O

    btw this is awesome, I'll gonna give it a try :D


    12 years ago on Introduction

    How well does this actually work?  one of my friends is using her laptop for a lan party so i though id make her a fan stand to stop her laptop from burning


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

     sorry for the super late reply.  I dont usually plug the fan in unless im running big apps. Since the fan is using electricity I figure it may be raising the temp even a little. there are some free apps you can download that give you several temps in your computer. Ive looked at the temps with an without the fan or stand and the biggest difference is the just having it on the stand. good luck buddy