Introduction: USB Powered Cooling Fan for Laptops:

My laptop always overheats. It then gets laggy and freezes up. When that happens, I can't do my homework or browse the web and it stresses me out when I have to finish a homework assignment by a certain  time.

This fan solves the problem of an overheated laptop by cooling the system inside my laptop.


-Fan from an old computer
-Electrical tape
-USB cord



Step 1:

Find a computer fan from any old computer you like. (Suggested that it is from a broken computer because you don't want to take apart a new computer) Clean out all the dust from within the fan. Detach the fan from the computer with the scissors.

Get a USB cord. You can go out and buy this yourself or find one around the house. I found mine at home.

Step 2:

Shave away the rubber/plastic around the wires of the USB cord so that the wires within the USB cord are showing.

Step 3:

Next, attach the red and black wire from the USB cord to the red and black wire from the fan.

TAPE THEM TOGETHER SEPARATELY. Red with red and black with black. You do not want the wires to be touching each other because something bad can happen i.e. a fire or short circuit.

Step 4:

After each individual wire is taped together, you can now tape all the wires together so it is one.

Step 5:

Now plug the USB into your computer and the fan facing your computer's fan. The fan should now start up since electricity is being put into it from your computer.
Now, your computer will cool down and run much faster.

Step 6: Final Product:

Voilà. Your computer cooling fan is now done. No need to buy those expensive cooling fans when you can make one yourself!

Thanks to the bro for the help.