Introduction: USB Powered Mini Drill

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In this Instructable I show you how to make a USB powered drill. This USB powered drill is ideal for drilling holes in wooden plates, cardboard, plastic and printed circuit boards.

Very simple to make, a perfect utility tool for DIY hobbyists. This tool besides a power bank can also be used by plugging in any 5v USB mobile charger.

Video tutorial:


  • Old (or new) USB cable
  • Mini switch
  • DC motor
  • Terminal block
  • Small drill
  • Heat shrink tubing

Step 1: ​Connect the Switch

For this step you need the DC motor and switch. Glue the switch to the DC motor with a bit of hot glue. Make sure that one pole of the switch touches the positive pole of the DC motor. This is so that you can solder the switch directly to the motor and do not need an extra piece of wiring. Solder the connection.

Step 2: ​Connect USB Cable to Motor

For this step you need the DC motor and the USB cable. We are going to use the male connector of the USB cable. Cut the connector on the other side of the cable. Strip the wires and solder the red wire to the free terminal of the switch. Solder the BLACK cable to the free connector (-) of the DC motor.

If you want to use heat shrink tubing to finish the cabling, you must wrap it around it beforehand. The finish can of course also be done with a piece of tape, but heat shrink is preferred.

Step 3: ​Connect the Drill

For this step you need the DC motor, the terminal block and the drill. Remove the plastic from the terminal block. For this I used the cutting pliers. Then open the 2 connections of the terminal block by loosening the screws. Place the terminal block over the shaft of the DC motor and tighten it. Then put the drill in the terminal block and tighten it.

Step 4: Ready!

The mini USB drill is now ready. As you can see it is a very easy project.

The power supply that I use for the USB drill is a power bank. It can also be connected to a USB port of a computer. In that case, fit a fly back diode over the motor to absorb the peak voltage that is generated when switching off. If you don't do this, you can blow up your USB port.

Have fun with this project and see you soon!

New Pew