Introduction: USB Powered Fan

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This is a weekend project that allows us to power any thing with the help of our lapatop or computer.

It's an awsome project and intersting also.

It's my first project on instructable so please forgive me for my mistakes.

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Also, still you can use it to transfer data.

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Step 1: Materials Needed

1)Duct Tape

2)Pair of sissors

3)A propeller

4) USB cable

5) AC/DC Motor

6)A piece of paper(optional)

Step 2: USB Cable Modification

This is a simple step

First,take a point(any) on the cable and then cut it completly.

Second,remove a small part of of the outer covering of the cable and remove the wires.(as shown in the fig.)

Third, Now make the the conductive element of wire come out.

Step 3: Joining of Extra Material

Now join all the wire according to their colour combination.

Now take another spare wire.

Also make their conductive part come out.

Now join the red wire to the red wire of the USB and black(here I took blue) to the black in the USB.

Step 4: Finishing and Testing

Now join that extra wire (red and black) to the motor or any other instrument eg. light bulb.

Now insert the USB cable in the USB port of the device.

AND the fan will start working.

Step 5: Optional Step

You can also add a switch to the motor wire.

Also you can follow the follwing steps-

1) Take a piece of paper.

2) Fold it as shown.

3)And then stick wires around it to neglect the short-circuts or any spark.

Thank You ALL for viewing. :)