Introduction: USB Powered,bluetooth Controlled,3D Printed Ambient Light!

Get some atmosphere in your room with this 3D printed ambient light. It is bluetooth controlled, so changing colers is fun and easy.

I was inspired by this instructable:

I used the code and the android app as they are on the page above.

So i basically just designet the 3D printet parts and added more RGB lights.

Step 1: What Will You Need?

You can get all the parts on ebay for cheap like i did.

-Arduino Uno (nano...)

-bluetooth module HC-06

-RGB lights (i used common cathode)

-USB cable

-and of course a 3D printer to print all the necessary parts.

Step 2: Wiring

The wiring is as simple as it gets.

Bluetooth module hc-06:



TX--->Pin 10

RX--->Pin 11

For common cathode RGB see picture.

I used 6 RGB lights, you can use more or less, just connect them in parallel.

Step 3: The Code

Here is the code i got from this instructable:

For more details on the code and app follow the link.

Step 4: Print All the Parts

This are the parts i desined in sketchup.

I made a difuzor for the top, but you can use the light without it.

The difuzor is made out of one of the layers from a broken LCD screen that i got laying around, you can use paper aswell.

I printet the parts with PLA

205 °C nozzle

60 °C bed

120 mm/s

I forgot the hole for the USB cable so i just drilled one later.

Step 5: Connect to the Light

First you power up the arduino board. Then go on your phone into bluetooth and find the HC-06 module. If asked for a code tipe 1234 or 0000. Next you go into the app and click on the bluetooth icon where your hc-06 module should show up, click on it and you are connected.

Have fun!