Introduction: USB Rubber Duckie!

Hello! This is my very first but most definitely not my last instructable. This project took me about 1-2 minutes to build.(I probably could have finished it sooner if I wasn't running around the house in search of a rubber duckie!!!)

Step 1: Parts List

1. Rubber Duckie
2. flash drive
3. scissors/utility knife
4. sharpie

Step 2: Measuring the Hole

First, trace the outline of the flashdrive on the duck's bottom.

Step 3: Cutting the Hole

Now, get your utility knife/scissors and cut along the inside of your trace.

Step 4: The Final Step = Inserting the Flashdrive.

The title of this instruction pretty much explains itself."Stick the flashdrive into the duckie's butt."

Step 5: TADA!

You're done!!!!!! :D

Step 6: Grandma Duck!! :P