Introduction: USB Speakers

Simple, cheap, portables usb speakers to use with your laptop.

Step 1: What You Need

Soldering iron
Ferric chloride or similar
Usb cable
Some box to put the circuit in
permanent marker
bakelita or similar

LM386  x2
electrolitic 220uf cap  x2
electrolitic 10uf cap  x2
ceramic 10nf cap  x2
ceramic 100nf cap  x2
100ohm resistor  x2
1.5Kohm resistor  x2
22ohm resistor  x2
jacks or plugs for the speakers (if wanted)
3.5mm stereo plug  x1

Step 2: Schematic and Circuit Design

Here is the schematic and the eagle board file.

Step 3: Print or Draw

Print or draw your circuit on the board, i know mine is bad but i ran out of tonner.
-If you are drawing it, use the permanent marker, if you are using the eagle board file remember to mirror it befor drawing.
-If you are printing it you need to do it in couche paper, then put the paer with the circuit facing the copper side of the board, then use an iron to heat it, slowly n carefully, do it just one minute. then wash careflly the board to remove the paper.

Then put in a plastic bowl one part of water an two of Ferric chloride and put the board with the copper side facing up and shake gently the bowl.

When the rest of the copper is gone wash the board. Finally drill it. Carefully.

Step 4: Solder Everything

Put components in their place and solder them.

Step 5: Conect Speakers

You can use any 0.2 watt (jeje)  8ohm speaker. You can use those small black speakers or buy something nicer. But remember 8 ohm.

Step 6: Find a Box

Put your speaker unto a nice box  (nicer than mine) and youre done.

Now connect the usb cable to your laptop and your mp3 player and enjoy.

I will be glad to answer any question.

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