Introduction: USB Steampunk SD Memory Card Reader

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For instructions on how to build one of these visit my instructable here!
After creating the usb flash drive I had a look around my desk and thought ! hey ! I have this old SD card reader that's positively begging for a new case! I already wrote an instructable of the proceses but I felt like posting a slideshow of the process. I still have a little bit of cleanup to do but once it's done I'll simply edit the photos! Hope you all enjoy! Let me know what you think and show me your own if you decide to follow!

This one gave me no trouble until it came to the brass ports for the led's. Then it gave me all kinds of grief. I attribute this to the dullness of the borrowed bits i was using. The flash drive I modded was made using brand new bits that I had bought shortly before while this one was created using 20+ year old bits from my dad's shop. (due to some pluming issues I was unable to use my own workshop) Note to potential builders: make sure your bits are sharp so they don't slide around and eat the sides of your carefully cut brass tubing.