Introduction: USB Thumb Drive Zippo

Don't throw away that old Thumb Drive / Zippo! Recycle them into something cool!

This instructable is going to show you how to:

Find a good Deal on "zippo" lighters
modify Them to Fit a "stripped" thumb Drive
and how to strip a thumb drive

Step 1: Materials

You'll Need These 4 Things

Old zippo lighter destined for the trash
( if you just want to do this with a new one:
usb Thumb Drive
Hot glue Gun
needle nose pliers

Step 2: "strip" the Thumb Drive

This should be Pretty Easy. Just don't force it too Much, it will snap the drive itself.

Step 3: Mod the "zippo"

now it's time to mod the Zippo. Do what is pictured Below.

Step 4: Admire Your Work.

I know I have. and I know I will be Saving a Perfectly Good "zippo" from a Landfill. (ok, PART of a zippo.)
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