Introduction: USB Traffic Light

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*Update I have made the PCB layout for this Traffic Light*

In this instructable I will show you how to make a USB Traffic Light.

(1) LM555 Timer
(1) 10µƒ Electrolytic Capacitor
(1) 0.01µƒ Ceramic Disc Capacitor
(1) 1MΩ 1/4-watt resistor
(2) 4.7KΩ 1/4-watt resistors
(1) 1KΩ 1/4-watt resistor
(1) 10KΩ 1/4-watt resistor
(1) NPN 2N2222 Transistor
(1) USB Male Plug

The Picture of all the parts is in the next step

Step 1:

 All the Parts.

Step 2:

 Here is the schematic.  Please leave comments & rate me. Sorry, the Schematic  made on word got messed up. I'll try to update it with a better one.