Introduction: USB ZIPPO

you like zippos right ?
but you don't smoke ?
so why have one ?
to mount a USB thumb drive in it of course!!

Step 1: Get the Parts

you need some parts and tools
1 a zippo (you must make sure it is absolutely empty of fuel and vapor)
2 a usb thumb drive /flash cart
3 glue
4 things i cant remember

1 hacksaw
2 drill with drill bits
3 files
optional : (will make it much easier)
4 dremel with grinding bits

Step 2: Lets Get Into It

OK this is the easy part
prep the zippo for the usb drive
ok disassemble the zippo take the fluff out along with the spring thing that holds the flint

now put the zippo in your vice and cut the wheel part of the zippo off with the hack saw
and begin cleaning the cuts with your files or your dremel do a nice job with filing the metal down.

and for the love of hacking please be safe if you don't wear approved personal safety equipment (including safety glasses) while doing this you are a fool. I am not responsible for anything you do whether you set fire to yourself while grinding the metal (yes i have done this) or your pc, laptop, house, cat, girlfriend explodes as a result of making or using this. If you are stupid and kill yourself or any one else i DON'T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT

Step 3: Drill Out the Flint Holder

OK this is the not so easy part
Grab your drill and bits and find a bit the right size to drill out the flint holder
once you have done this you should have a nice clean hole.

Step 4: Make That Hole.

ok now we got to make that hole bigger to fit the usb plug it to it.
now start another hole as close to the spring thing as you can because we want to still be able to click it as if it was real but still plug it in a computer so drill that hole out and and start fileing that hole in to the shape we want (the shape of a male usb plug)

Step 5: Mount That Usb Device :)

your gole's are in sight now
all you have to do now is glue that thumb drive in.

Step 6: The Finished Product!!!

the finished product

oh and for those of you haveing a hard time getting the parts,

you can get lighters cheaply here

and usb drives cheep here