Introduction: USB Charger 9V

Easy make portable USB charger

Step 1: Need



lm7805 voltage regulator

batery clip

9V batery




soldering iron

glue gun

Step 2: Circuit

It's so EASY!!!

Step 3: Fold

Fold voltage regulator (lm7805) contacts

Step 4: Cut Wires

Cut wires from batery clip (4-5cm)

Step 5: Solder

Solder 2 black wires (from batery clip and witch cut off) to voltage regulator ground. Red wire (from batery clip) solder to voltage regulator input.

Step 6: Solder (part 2)

Red wire (witch cut off) solder to USB +. Black wire (witch cut off) solder to USB -.

Circuit is done!

Step 7: Cut Holes

With pliers cut holes to USB and switch.

Step 8: Glue It !

Glue USB and switch in holes. Voltage regulator glue to case wall.

Step 9: Done!

Enjoy and charge your device!

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