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Introduction: USB Charger Powered Night Light

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Using an old 'Tap Light' body which used 4 AA batteries and a tungsten element bulb, I converted it to a USB charger powered night light by using 2 old bicycle headlight 'heads'.  Gives off a nice, soft and even light pattern, in this case with a bluish tint because of the blue doillie. 
UPDATE Thanksgiving morning.  The light didn't want to stay in place in a 110 outlet and fell to the floor during the night. I found a combination of dynamics that are 'fixable'. First, the blades are a tiny bit too short (when I compared their length to that of another device's plug) and want to back out of the electrical outlet from the weight of the light and charger.  The problem was compounded by a stylish outlet cover plate that had a design 'rib' around the perimeter, which prevented the light from solidly plugging in. Finally, the light in it's original form, with batteries, was intended to sit flush upon a relatively flat surface. As a night light, when you'd
push on the center of the light to click it on or off,  it tended to wobble slightly, further knocking the plug from the outlet.
SOULUTION:  I trimmed a small amount of the 'rib' from the bottom of the wall plate, giving needed clearance for the charger; and fashioned a brace from an aluminum strip, then glued it to the lower back of the light base. It is now stable when plugged into the wall. Additional still pictures are now at the end of the video, showing the 'fixes'.

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