Introduction: USB Mini Vacuum Cleaner

My goal was to make a simple USB Vacuum Cleaner. almost everything i used in this project is from old parts or the part we through away as wastage.

i thing this project will be helpful for those who wants to clean their desk, reading table or laptop keyboard :)

Step 1: Parts You Need

You will need the following parts and tools for this project:

1.a tube (i used old bottle )

2.1 DC motor (from old toy)

3. a flexible pipe (optional)

4.tea filter (you can use from tea bag)

5.super glue

6.plastic wood or hard plastic

7.1 USB cable

8.a switch

Step 2: Making Filter

i used old tea filter to make this... you can also use filter from tea bag filter ..and filter has to be placed in the middle of the tube

Step 3: Making the Fan and Others

i used plastic wood to make the turbine .. First i cut a small circular disk (must be smaller then chosen tube) of the plastic wood and blade is also made from plastic wood ..

Step 4: Result

plug-in to any USB port and enjoy :)