Introduction: USBasp USBASP Programmer DIY

About: Hello Friend

Hello friends! This is another simple project for everyone who always want to program and upload code to their ATmega and Arduino projects.

That's why I decided to make my ownUSBasp. This is a really simple and low-cost project that anyone can make. First, many thanks to PCBWay for their high-quality PCBs. Without PCBWay, I couldn't make this beautiful custom PCB prototype. Also, if you're a first time user, you can get your first PCB for free. Simply visit this link. You can also visit the official USBasp website. Download this project's Gerber file from this link. And you can check ou my YouTube video for step-by-step information. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for latest Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and ESP8266IoT videos! ElectroIoT

Step 1: We Need All of This Component ..

Hello Friend We Need Few Component

1st We Need Custom PCB Prototype Or Blank Universal PCB ,

But I Make Custom PCB Design . Many Many Thanks To PCBWay To Great High Quality PCB Board

PCBWayIs One Of Best Manufacturer ....

And List Of All Parts We Need

1.) Atmega 8 ( 1 PCS )

2.)USB Type B Female ( 1PCS)

3.) 3v6 Zener ( 2PCS )

4.) 68 Ohm Resistor ( 2 PCS)

5.) 2.2K Ohm Resistor (1PCS )

6.) 10K Ohm Resistor ( 1 PCS )

7.) 1K Ohm Resistor ( 2Pcs)

8.) 22Pf Ceramic capacitor (2 PCS)

9.) 12Mhz Crystal (1 PCS)

10.) 104-100Nf Ceramic capacitor (1PCS)

11.7Uf 16V capacitor ( 1PCS)

12.) 3mm LED (2 PCS)

13.) Header Pin Male ( 6Pin/PCS)

14.) 28 Pin IC Socket ( 1PCS)

15.) 3P Switch ( optional )

Step 2: Solder All Item

We Need Few More Item Like Soldering Iron , Solder , Flux , Cutter Etc ...

After Solder All Item Using I Make Little Video How To Solder All Item