USS Enterprise : Arduino Mini Powered.




Introduction: USS Enterprise : Arduino Mini Powered.

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Hey guys, We made a cool toy Enterprise we bought at Michaels for $15 and got it to work! It was a great experience we and built a little toy from Star Trek. If you are interested in the project and there are enough of you that want us to post a step-by-step instructable, then we will. We were inspired by the Star Trek Starship USS Enterprise (original Series) and decided to make a replica. So we went out and bought a toy and made it work. We followed the instructions and used some very thin wire. The Arduino Mini barely fit inside the Chassis but we managed to squeeze it in there.

The Finished product was not very hard to program. We hooked all of the LEDs (including the warp naccel's LEDs) to PWM pins so we can change intensity of the light. We then had some wires coming out to program it and they attached to a 4D systems programmer.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Arduino + Enterprise ?
    (Original series, even!)

    I'm /so/ geeking out here, it's not funny!