Introduction: UV-C LED Portbale USB Sterilizer (cleaner)

I develop a portbable sterilizer base on UV-C LEDs, the small tool has multifuctions as below,

- UV-C disinfection (you can clean mobile phone, keyboard, mouse,credit cards, glasses and any small tings you want to handle);

- Anti virus, bacteria, fangus and any microbes anytime and anywhere);

- 8/16/32GB memory;

- Identify counterfeit money or note (any banknotes with ultraciolet fluorescence mark in 390-410nm)

Design details:

- 2 UV-C LEDs (275-285nm) for microbes germicidal function;
- 1 UV-A LED (390-410nm) for marking UVC irradiation area and counterfeit money;
- USB interface for recharging internal Li battery and out/input data from USB;
- Red indicator for Sterilizing status, Blue indicator for recharging status.
- Average UV intensity in range of 10mm is about 100-200 uW/cm2