Introduction: UV Exposure Box From Table Top Scanner

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Making PCB's at home with photosensitive film at home, requires UV exposure box, and I've decided to make one - quickly, from the table top scanner I've received for free,that was on its way to the trash - decided to give it a second life :)


UV Led strip
Old tabletop scanner
Plexi or acrylic sheet
Soldering iron (solder and soldering flux)
Power socket
Assorted wires

Step 1: Cleanup and Dissassembly

First step - cleanup, and gutting it the all electronic and mechanical components out of the scanner - we need only "box".

Step 2: Mounting LED Base

Bottom of the scanner was not really designed for the purpose i'm going to use it, so I opted to use a clear Plexi sheet I had purchased for other project, (3mm thick)
Easy to cut - just score it and break off. I have used pieces of it to make a "feet" for the LED base - super glue is perfect for this.

Step 3: Design LED Layout

For LED strips I've marked spacing on the sheets (there is still protective foil on the surface) and later I've scored lines on the foil with the hobby knife. This way after removing protecting film place for LED strips will be clearly visible.

Step 4: LED Soldering

Very straight forward, cut LED strip to a size (there is cut mark every 3 LED's), Daisy chain by soldering them, positive to positive, negative to negative, and one of the ends to the power socket.

Step 5: Test Your Circiut

Make sure polarity of your power supply, matches polarity on the power socket. Put it together and voila. Done.
Please note, that it is incredibly easy circuit. You can upgrade it with a switch, with a timer unit etc...
Have fun!

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