Introduction: UV Exposure Box

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Hi There!
This is a little inspiration instructable on how to build an UV exposure box like we've seen on

I made mine out of a Phillips Facial Tanning Solarium and an old scanner i found under im desk ;-) (how did it get there??)

Step 1: What You Need Is...

An old flatbed scanner housing with lit.
a face tanner
some screws, all kind of stuff and tools.

Step 2: Disassembling

take out alle the internal parts of the scanner. you will need a lot of space in it to put alle the tanner parts in it.
Open the tanner and take out all the parts it has in it. Don't care what it is, tranformators, mech switch, and so on...

Step 3: Internals

Now cut off the tube holders from the tanner. Make shure you have enough material (in germany we say meat) to screw it onto or into the scanner housing. I used a wooden spacer to get both sides of the holders on one level. Place the mechanical timer in one corner of the scanner housing. I've used some rivets to fix the transformators.
Thats all-you're almost done. put in the reflector, all tubes and starters.

Step 4: Let It Shine

Close the scanner housing. Put the timer knob on it and let it shine!

Building it should take 30min-1h...

Good luck Gianni