Introduction: UV / Fluorescent SCUBA Dive Light (Trivial)

If you SCUBA dive, you've seen the new UV/fluorescent dive lights but probably didn't want to spend 100s to 1000s of dollars on a light that doesn't serve as a primary (or backup) light.

Here is how to put one together from a cheaply available SCUBA light, and a cheaply available non-SCUBA UV flashlight for about $30 without any tools.

For a bonus we will also get the non-SCUBA donor flashlight working again, but this requires a soldering iron and basic soldering skills.

What you will need (Shown Below)

  • UltraFire WF-501B UV 395~400nm LED Flashlight (Bulb Donor, about $15)
  • Yellow CREE T6 SCUBA light (Cheap Chinese units available anywhere for about $15. Make sure to get the T6 version).

Step 1: Take Apart the Flashlights

Take both of the flashlights apart. Pull the large springs off of the both the lamp fixtures.

Step 2: Switch the Springs

Switch the spring from the yellow T6 and put it on the UV lamp assembly. Assemble the flashlight (with a 18650 battery or 3XAAA inside of an adapter). You are done with your UV dive light. See the next step if you want an additional flashlight (non-UV).

Step 3: Bonus Step: Getting the UltraFire WF-501B Working.

The T6 light doesn't quite reach the battery, so an unmodified WF-501B with the T6 will not work. All that is needed to make the T6 work in the WF-501B is a small battery spring. A small battery spring from another broken donor flashlight can be soldered into the center of the T6 bulb assembly. The WF-501B will now work.