Introduction: UV Glass Hanging Nightlight/Whiteboard ( From Mobile Charger )

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Today i Bought some Ultraviolet lights and i wanted to make something attractive. So i made another glass hanging nightlight! (I am still a beginner so sorry for the glass joint to wire)
My first Nightlight (with brightness control) :-

Step 1: List of Parts

Parts Needed :-
(1) Ultraviolet(UV) Led
(2) USB Charger
(3) 100 Ohms
(4) Plastic Small Container
(5) Highter (Optional)
(6) Some Wires

That's all! :P

Step 2: Opening the Charger

Break open the charger.
Remove the wires from the charger pins and extend with a Wire which has to wires imbedded in it.

Step 3: Soldering and Hot Gluing

I Soldered wires to 5v and ground pins of USB.
Hot Glue the charger to Bottom.
Solder the AC lines to charger.(Warning: Always wear rubber gloves when working with AC lines,you can get a SHOCK of 250/110v)

Step 4: Attaching Led to Glass

Sorry for that Tape joint (you can hot glue it )
Hot Glue the Led to glass Top.
Horray! We just Made it!

Step 5: Attaching to Top

Drill Hole at Top for a Skrew
I Made a hole for skrew in the plastic Container.
One Skrew was enough for the container to stick to top tightly.

Step 6: Testing!

Perfect! Switch it on! Enjoy Making your Nightlight/Whiteboard with a simple Cheap Charger. :D
Now Pick up your Highlighter and Show your Creativity.
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