UV Reactive Bubbles.




Introduction: UV Reactive Bubbles.

I am obsessed with all things that glow under a black light. My bathroom is dedicated to everything I can get black light. I even have a aquarium of fish that glow under a black light. I am always searching for a novelty I can and to my glowing collection.

This is a tutorial for creating bubbles that glow under a black light, one of the coolest, weirdest, and messiest things I have ever done. It is really simple to make. All you need is bubble soap and highlighters.

Step 1: Break Open the Highlither and Free the Ink.

This varies between different highlighters. I used some thin paper mate highlighters because It is what I had on hand. It would be best to use one or two of the big thick ones.

Regardless of what kind of highlighter you use You need to get the ink reservoir sponge out.

With most highlighter you will need to remove the tip and the top cap. With the thin kind that I used it is easiest with pliers or a wrench.

I found that on the bigger highers it is easiest to crack the bottom part of the tube  and remove the sponge with pliers.

Note : the liquid ink highlighter makers do not work well. They do not have enough ink to saturate the bubble soap to a level to be visible.

Step 2: Put the Ink Into the Soap.

This step is really about what not to do. Most people, myself included will automatically want to squeeze the ink out of the sponge and put the sponge in the bubble soap and shake it.

These are two things you do not want to do.
1 Because they both are ineffective at removing the ink
2 You will stain your hands with ink trying to squeeze or milk the ink out of the sponge.

The most effective way of getting the pigment out of the sponge is with a little bit of patience.

Simply dropping the highlighter sponge in the soap and letting it sit for a few hours will be the most effective way to remove the ink. The ink will diffuse out of the highlighter and turn the sponge white when depleted.
Note : It will turn white at the top first.

Step 3: Done.

Thats it once the ink has reaced a high enough consentration in the soap the bubles will be verry visable under a black light.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    some instruction beyond materials and how to remove the highliter insides would be nice as well. Assuming that you soak the ink sponges in the bubble solution, how LONG must they soak?


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I tried this with fluoresceine (the glowing stuff that is in highlighters, you can buy this in powder form from a drugstore).

    Appart from being insanely messy, it simply doesn't work in bubbles, whatever the concentration is.

    So I bought this ready made solution http://www.levenly.com/fr/a/7696/levenly/bubble-fluid-uv-5l_bulles-phosphorescentes.html

    This is awesome, even when diluted 5 times. But expensive.

    Anyone has a clue what's could be missing from my homemade solution?

    The Ideanator
    The Ideanator

    10 years ago on Introduction

    From the title I thought you were going to solidify some bubbles, the term yourew looking for is fluorescent, not reactive.

    Cool project btw, good for raves and social functions that involve blacklights :)


    10 years ago on Step 3

    A photo of the glowing bubbles using tripod and a moderately long exposure camera would be good.