Introduction: Ubuntu Tardis Desktop

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I know, I know, where is the TARDIS? not on the cover picture that is for sure... Today I will give an instructable on how to mod the desktop to look like a Whovian dream...

Be sure to look at the note on the last step...

Step 1: Look for a TARDIS! and Change the Ubuntu Icon

Find a suitable icon that looks like the TARDIS making sure it has no background because this will replace the launcher... The one I used is shown... it is named: launcher_bfb.png.

make sure the icon is .png then do the following command in a terminal:

sudo nautilus /usr/share/unity/icons

hit enter and type your password.

then drag the TARDIS into the folder when it pops up.

Make sure you log out and log back in!

I have included the TARDIS icon I used and the default icon.

Step 2: Change the Folder Color

Change the folder color with:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:costales/folder-color

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install folder-color

Log out and log back in...

Then Right-Click any folder on the desktop and change the folder color to blue or purple.

Step 3: Changing Color

Install the following:

sudo apt-get install gtk-theme-config

Run the Theme Config and change the orange to a purple color.

Make sure the Custom Highlight Colors button is ON

Log out and log back in.

Step 4: Add a Wallpaper

You are free to use any you can find but I added this one.

Step 5: All Done!!!

All done now you can enjoy the Whovian Dream!!!


Be sure you log out and log back in, it will finalize any changes you have made, if not separately for each step then all at once... You can just make all the changes then log out and log back in once and this will be an alternative to logging out ad back in multiple times...