Introduction: "Ugly" Christmas Hat

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When I saw this contest I wanted to come up with something that would be very unusual. The first thing that came to my mind was Jotaro Kujo's hat from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, which has hair spikes connected to the hat. I put Christmas trees in the place of those spikes, and built off on things from there. I ended up making the different hats.


Baseball Hat
Hot Glue Gun
Pipe Cleaners
Craft Foam
Wrapping Paper
Cotton Balls

Step 1: Making Christmas Trees

For the trees, use pipe cleaners and wrap them around something triangular. I used a Christmas tree figure for this. For larger trees, use two pipe cleaners. Either make one large tree, or 8-10 smaller ones. Hot glue any parts that need to be held down. You can use small cut pieces of pipe cleaner to decorate your trees.

Step 2: Making a Wreath

To make a wreath, take a green pipe cleaner and wrapped it around a circular object. After this, take more pipe cleaners and twisted them around the first one. If wanted, wrap thin ribbon or wrapping paper around the wreath.

Step 3: Making Mini Presents (2nd Design)

To make small presents, cut out squares of foam and glue them on top of each other until you get the size that you want. After this, wrap the block like you would wrap a normal present. Use ribbon to make a bow if wanted.

Step 4: Gluing Everything On

I put the baseball hat on a mannequin head to keep it shape and placement. Glue all of the trees onto the back of the hat. After that, glue the wreath to the front of the hat. For the other design, rip apart a few cotton balls and glue them down to the brim of the hat. Place your large Christmas tree in the center and glue the presents around it.

Step 5: Try on Your Hat

Now go ahead and try on your amazing hat. Make sure to be even more creative and customize it in more ways such as painting and adding lights. I hope you were able to have fun while making it.:)
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