Introduction: Ugly Picture Frame Upcycled to Jewellery Organizer


We've all seen those jewellery holders made from picture frames and chicken wire, well this is the same concept with just a little twist.

What you'll need:
Picture frame
Wire basket/chicken wire
Fabric about 1/2 yard (two pieces are optional)
Glue/Staple gun
Needle and thread (optional

Step 1: Getting Started

What do you do when you have an ugly picture frame and a wire basket that has seen better days? Easy! Reuse, reuse, reuse. Knowing my basket was small and wouldn't give me a piece large enough to attach to my frame, I decided to use fabric as a lengthener of sorts. This idea set the tone for my entire project because I then decided to use that fabric to cover my entire frame (eliminating the need to paint).

Firstly using scissors I cut as large a square as I could out of my basket. A wire cutters may be needed if using chicken wire. You can either cut your wire large enough to fit your frame (which would be a whole lot easier) or smaller (as I did because I didn't have a choice). My basket cut out needed a touch up so I gave it a little paint job and left it to dry. Before painting I traced my basket cut out onto my fabric. Then i measured about an inch inside (the tracing of the cut out) and drew another square. I then cut the smaller square out of the fabric. If your wire is large enough (to fit your frame), just average how large a square you want, using a ruler draw it on then cut it out. Staple your wire to the back of your frame next. Then stretch your fabric taut over the entire frame and staple it at the back. Now as my wire cut out couldn't fit my frame and I had to attach it to my fabric, I chose to sew. But you can glue your wire instead its much easier.

Step 2: Finishing Up

After you've finished the last steps, you should have a fabric covered picture frame and the wire securely attached at the back to either your frame or fabric. You can leave it as is or follow the next step (this step will give your project added flare and function it can also hide any imperfections in your work). Cut four strips of your second piece of fabric, the size depends on your choice and the size of your frame. Take one of the strips, stretch it across one side of your frame (a couple inches from the edge) ensuring you fold in the sides (of the fabric) to hide the edges then staple at the back. Repeat this with each strip of fabric, in any pattern you like. Remove any extra fabric or thread at the back and your work is done. Don't worry if the back doesn't look pretty, its what you can see that counts.

You now have your wire for hanging earrings and the bands of fabric across your frame creates something pocket like to hold your rings, necklaces and bangles.

Thanks for stopping by, looking forward to reading your comments.