Introduction: Ukulele-box

Want a home made ukulele for half the cost? Love DIY's? Have too much time, rubber bands, hot glue, and shoe boxes in your possession? Well, You are in luck! this is the Instructable for YOU

Step 1: A Box

You will need a shoe box sized box, three/ four office rubber bands all varying sizes, skewers or sticks, hot glue, and tape or any decoration supplies.

Step 2: Hole

You need to cut a hole in the middle of your box; leaving an inch or two ( depending on box size) around the edges. This hole is mean to reverberate the noise created by our "strings"

Step 3: Bridges??

Next we add our bridges! these are two sticks placed at a angle separating from each other on each side of the whole. This will be used to hold our strings and the diagonal spacing will have create different pitches and tones.

Step 4: Glue

Secure the same end of each bridge to the box to create a study structure to hold the first rubber band or lowest toned string. The closer the spacing the lower of the tone.

Step 5: Add Middle String

Add your middle toned rubber band but be careful the sticks will move due to the tension but this is what creates the half step or middle pitch on your Uke-Box!

Step 6: Highest Pitch!

This step will need assistance!

You will need someone to hold the unglued end of the sticks once the highest pitched rubber band or string is placed on the Uke-Box! Once placed have someone help you secure each bridge end with hot glue.

Step 7: Now Get Playing!

Your home made/ DIY box Ukulele is finished! get strumming you hippies!