Introduction: Ulti Buddy

Ulti Buddy is designed for Ultimate players. Two things that are essential for ultimate players are the shoes/cleats and a disc. The Ulti Buddy has a 2-in-1 function that allows it to carry a pair of cleats and a disc at the same time. It can be hung just like a regular hanger on bars but it can also be hung on your bag if you're in a hurry. To make it more portable, it can be folded in half so that it becomes smaller when you don't need it. It's a simple, but useful tool for Ultimate players.

Step 1: Gathering of Materials Needed

Materials and Estimate Prices(Php):

  • 18 mm Plywood = 200 for a sheet (needed: 300x210 mm)
  • Sandpaper = 12.75 (1)
  • Hinge = 60 (1 hinge with 4 screws)
  • Hook and Eye = 29.75 (1 pairneeded)
  • ABS Filament = 200 for the whole pool (needed: only a small amount)
  • Varnish = 40 (Small bottle)
  • Paintbrush =20 (1)
  • Screwdriver = 40 (1)
  • Keychain = 5 (preferably the beaded one; usually free from keys/nail clippers) (1)

Total: 607.5(with many left over materials)

Estimated Average Price for a piece: 100


  • CNC Router or Saws
  • 3D Printer
  • Dremel, Drill or Drill Press

Step 2: Designing the Shoe Hanger

Look for your desired shoe hanger shape or create your own design based on other designs

Step 3: Cutting Your Wood

a) If a CNC is available, make your design a vector image. Open it in VCarve, make profile cuts to cut out the shape of the hanger.The last profile cuts should separate the two pieces.


b) If there is no CNC available, draw your design on a piece of wood. Then, use a jigsaw cutter or saws to cut the outline of the hanger. You may cut the two parts separately for convenience.

Step 4: Drilling the Hole

Estimate around 1 cm from the side of your hanger. Adjust this distance based on the size of your keychain holder. Mark the spot using a pencil. Use a drill press, a drill, or a dremel to cut one hole from the top and one hole from the side of the hanger. The hole should make a C or L shape. Make sure the two holes meet because this is where the keychain will be put into.

Step 5: Sanding of the Hanger

Make sure to sand the rough parts thoroughly. Start with rough sandpapers to improve the shape, if necessary. End the sanding using fine or high grade sandpapers to make sure the hanger is smooth.

Step 6: Varnishing of the Wood

After all the rough patches are removed, the hanger can now be varnished. This will increase the life span of the hanger since it will prevent the wood from rotting quickly.

Make sure you have pieces of paper as cover so that you will avoid staining the surface. Start by painting each side of the object with 1 coat. Let it dry for around 3-10 minutes depending on the varnish and weather conditions. After the 1st layer has dried, paint another layer to ensure protection. Wait until the varnish dries.

Step 7: Joining of the Two Parts

Lay the two parts side by side, as if one object. Then, place the hinge in between the two separated parts. Start putting one screw at a time, while making sure that the object is still aligned. After the 4 screws are placed, make sure that the hinge is tightly secured.The two parts are now connected.

Step 8: Locking the Two Parts

Put the hook and eye on top of the hanger and test if the hook will fit well. Make sure that the hook is in the top half and the eye is in the bottom half so that it won't easily fall off. If the right distance is determined, mark the two spots to be screwed. Start by making a small dent on the marked spot so that the screw or drill will not be misaligned. You may drill a hole in order to ease the placement of the screws. Place the screws in hole or dent and turn continuously until it stops moving. Test again if the two parts can fit well. If not, try rotating the hook or eye, and insert the hook until it locks well.

Step 9: Disc Clip Making

(for professionals) You may design your own using 3D and CAD softwares by using the edge of your disc as a guide


(for beginners)You may also refer to for disc clip designs. You may also just print the attached file.

There are several designs so make sure to check which one fits your disc well. After choosing or making your design, use a 3D printer to print the clip. Wait until it finishes. After printing, remove any unnecessary parts such as the supports and raft made by the printer.

Step 10: Attaching the Disc Clip

Insert the keychain holder into the hole made, near the side of the hanger.After that, insert the disc clip into the keychain holder and close it.

Step 11: Customization(Labels and Decorations)

This extra step is to make your own Ulti Buddy unique. You may paint the wood with your desired color. You may put stickers onto the hanger. You may also label it with your name and signature or even draw on it using markers. You may also carve on the wood, but preferably do this before sanding and varnishing. Your own Ulti Buddy or shoe hanger with a disc clip is now finished. Try it out on your next training and games!